Tara Taylor's Portfolio

I am a tri-lingual graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in print and web design. Scroll down to see more examples of my work!

Brown Equipment - Flyers 2019
Examples of flyers designed in 2019 for Brown Equipment
Workhorse Tools - Branding
Branding project for industrial quality automotive, construction and welding tools
Brown 2019-2020 catalogue
384 + 4 page catalogue with 3500 products in 2 languages
LMI-Branding, vehicles, t-shirts
Branding for home maintenance company
M&M Ceramic - Branding, Signage, vehicles
Branding for ceramic tile company. Brand applied to communication & marketing assets as well as signage on building and vehicles
EHS Guidelines - Flyer & illustrations
Environmental health and safety guidelines for large corporation in existing house style with illustrations containing the company mascot
La Strega Rossa - Rebrand
Branding for luxury fashion business with an ambigram logo that can be read from 2 positions
Brown website
Product pages to look like catalogue pages featuring imported corporate symbols font
Brown Equipment heaters
Packaging and label design for series of heaters
Brown totem & stand
Totem & stand for use in showroom, at small salons and during demonstrations
CreationVF - Branding
Branding for jewelry business with business cards, brochures and invitations
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